Terms & Conditions

For outdoor signs
Permits are responsibility of customers, price for permit is not included in this agreement. No electric work will be done by YCS Solutions Inc. The sign once sold cannot be returned/all sales are final. 50% non refundable deposit will be paid by customer upon signing this agreement. The sign once sold remains the Asset of YCS Solutions Inc until the agreement is paid in full by the customer. If total is not paid by customer YCS Solutions Inc can acquire the sign.

For Printing
The customer undertakes full responsibility of content provided to us. Payment must be paid by check, debit or credit card at the time of order. Work will begin once full payment, including shipping and handling fee is received. The credit or debit card which is used belongs to the customer/Company and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of product involved. The customer/company is 100% responsible for the accuracy of proofs and YCS Solutions INC is not responsible for any errors/mistakes that have been approved by the customer. The monitor proofs cannot be 100% accurate because of the different nature of digital media and printed material.

 General Terms and Conditions

All sales are final.

YCS Solutions
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